I'm a full-time mom, part-time preschool teacher who believes experiences are more important than things, travel is one of the best ways to learn compassion for other cultures, and now is the time to make memories with the ones you love.

Children's Books Inspired by Sicily

Children's books are wonderful for helping your child prepare for a trip. They can be enjoyed while on vacation and help them to process the sites they saw after returning home. By introducing them to Italy through Italian language and Italian inspired stories you can bring to life and give meaning to the places they see while abroad. Enriching their experience and building lifelong memories. 

The Island of Sicily is home to diverse landscapes including stunning beaches making it a wonderful beach vacation destination.  It is debated where the birthplace of gelato is but many agree Sicily was where sorbetto was first created. Children will enjoy visiting gelaterias to discover the difference between gelato, sorbetto and granita, all frozen sweet treats enjoyed especially in Sicily and throughout Italy.

Scroll down to find suggested books by age. Click on each book picture to learn more about the book. Please note this page includes affiliate links. Purchasing through the links help me to keep Piccolo Italiano going at no cost to you!

Babies & Toddlers
At the Beach

A young girl spends a radiant summer day at the beach

Ice Cream Colors

Color is presented to through the various hues and flavors of ice cream.

Preschool to Third Grade

The magic of building sand castles, seashells, & running from waves is brought to life.

The History of Sicily

 Introduce children to Sicilian treasures through coloring.

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Of Land and Sea
Trapani, Sicily

Explore Trapani, and Erice.

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The History of Gelato

A fun picture book that answers questions about gelato.

The Story of Bensurdatu

A children's fairy tale from Sicily.

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Magnificent Messina

Visit Messina, italy

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Fourth to Sixth Grade

The History of Sicily

Sicily's rich history comes alive in this elementary school workbook.

Rick & Rocco's Adventures in...

Rocco achieves his lifelong dream of visiting Sicily.

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Famous Invasion of Sicly

A wonderful story for children and an allegory for adults about the absurdity of war.


Cartwheel to the Moon

Beautiful, lyrical, sensitive poems recall memories of growing up in Sicily.


Mr. Peter's Adventures

Illustrated bilingual stories in Siracusa, Sicily.

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Myths in Sicily

Rivers, abductions, metamorphosis and the birth of the seasons. 



Weaves the turbulent story of Sicily into a spellbinding narrative.

Snow in Sicily

Josephine is sent to Sicily to work at her uncle’s bed and breakfast.

Midnight in Sicily

Sicily sensuous pleasures, its literature, politics, art, and crimes.


The Peoples of Sicily

12th-century Sicily was a crossroads of cultures and faiths, and diversity.


Run for Your Life

True-to-life thriller of a Sicilian boy’s fight to survive after his family is torn apart.


Travel Stories

Blank travel journal for writing your own stories.

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